(Re)Introducing Cultural Karma

23 Oct

What is Cultural Karma?  It’s how real people support real artists and have fun while doing it.

We start with this premise:  Most great art begins in obscurity, and new directions are usually advanced by artists far out of the spot light.  And it’s hard work, with years of effort or countless hours of rehearsal often resulting in a performance to an empty house, or producing a work that no one sees or hears.  As heartbreaking as a poor turnout can be, an unexpectedly great audience can turn around an artist’s career, give them more opportunities, make new connections, and convince them that the struggle is worthwhile.  That’s where we come in.

Once a [week/month/every 2 weeks/356.7 hours], we select one of these artists and bring them the audience they deserve.  25, 50, or even more of us will show up to the artist’s performance informed, enthusiastic, and ready to experience a new and exciting creation.  Before the show, the coordinator will post an interview with that artist on our blog so that members can have some context in advance.  And afterward, we’ll all go out to a local bar or restaurant to talk to that artist about the show (or anything else you want to talk about).

The group has a few simple “rules” to keep us on track.

1) Every show will be less than $10.  We are philanthropists on a collective, not individual, level.

2) Every member will coordinate at least one event.  That means choosing an art event or artist that you want to expose to the rest of the group.  It also means picking a place for us to meet after (we’ll help you with that, including finding groupons and the like ;-)), and interviewing the artist beforehand and posting that on our blog (we’ll help you with that as well!)

3) Events need to take place on a Friday or Saturday night.  Lesser-known artists are usually forced to hold their events on off-nights to make room for more commercial acts.  We want to help move them into prime-time…and if you’re not willing to give up a Friday or Saturday night to do so, you’re in the wrong group.  Bring your friends, dates, or significant others if you want…

4) Have fun.  Did we mention that already?  This is a chance to change people’s lives by banding together, meet new artists and fellow art lovers, see new venues and neighborhoods, and on a budget.  Can’t wait to meet you!

The Cultural Karma Team

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